About Us

Vision Statement: In line with the goals and objectives of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s policies on Education and Science and Technology, it’s academic mandate and the current global thrust in Science and Technology, the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, under the leadership of Engr. O.I. Nwankwo, developed a vision. The vision is captured in the institution’s Vision Statement which is: To Be Pacesetters In Demand-Driven Technology And Innovations

This vision is implied in the Motto of the Institution: “Knowledge and Skill for Service”. Thus, it is the vision of the Institution to always set the pace in the generation and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge and skills for the service of humanity. This Vision Statement has generated a popular slogan in the institution: “Federal Polytechnic, Nekede leads and others follows, if they can”.

Mission Statement: The establishment of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, like any other Polytechnic in Nigeria, was stimulated by the need for trained manpower in science, engineering and technology to promote sustainable industrial and economic development in the country. Against this background, the Polytechnic is dedicated to the training of its student in technical and professional skills that will make them become not only self-employable graduates, but also job creators, rather than job seekers. The Edict that originally established it assigned to it the function of providing studies training, research and the development of technical skills in the applied arts and sciences, technology, management, commerce and other fields of learning. Thus, the Mission of the Polytechnic is: To nurture and sustain the culture of the best practices in teaching/learning methods, research/demonstrations, skills and technological innovations in order to produce job creators for the global economy.

The Polytechnic is rooted in the philosophy that science and technological education are a “sine qua non” for national development. This philosophy underlies the institution’s Motto and Vision and Mission Statements.

The function or objectives of the Institution as assigned to it by the founding fathers through the edict that established it include to:
a. Provide studies, training, research and the development of techniques in the applied arts and sciences, technology, management, commerce and other fields of learning.
b. Provide courses of instruction (full-time as well as part-time) leading to diplomas, certificates and other qualifications and distinction in scientific, technological, vocational, managerial professional and other spheres of learning.
c. Provide courses of study in the applied arts and sciences, and in technological, managerial commercial and other subjects designed to prepare students for such examinations as set by the Institution or other examining bodies and as it may deem desirable.
d. Develop techniques aimed at satisfying the needs of Imo State in particular and of Nigeria in general.
e. Organize conferences, seminars, study groups and public lectures aimed at dissemination of knowledge and public enlightenment.

In recognition of its motto, vision, mission and objectives, the polytechnic, the Polytechnic places great premium on innovative research and hands-on techniques.